We’re sorry to announce that Samplify has closed its doors.

On January 14th we embarked on a 16-hour road trip to Detroit to start development. 36 sleepless hours later, we left with a product that we were proud of.

After a post on reddit, the app exploded in popularity. The influx of emails and overwhelming positive support was astounding. As undergraduate students, we never expected to make something that would be truly well received by the general public.

We wish this could have lasted forever, but costs were high and risks were higher. It’s only been a week, but its time to head home, lie on the couch, and watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” We plan on developing future apps, but Samplify will not be one of them.

Remember that you will always see the flaws in your work, but in the eyes of others your project may have some sort of value.

The Samplify Team